Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Teg!!!!

I am so excited!  Tegan went back to Emory today for his 6 month post surgery eye appointment.  It was a great news day.  As I did before the surgery, I still continue to pray and praise for complete healing of his precious little eyes everyday.  If his eyes & condition don't improve anymore than right now and don't get any worse, I am calling those prayers a huge success.

As most of you know, he had the surgery mostly for a major left head tilt/turn due to his Nystagmus.  When we went back a month after surgery, he showed lots of improvement but still had the head tilt but it just wasn't as bad.  Well I have been watching in the past couple of weeks and noticed that the left head tilt wasn't there but watching at home and having the Dr. check him are two totally different things.  I watched as they showed him the pictures and had him focus in on them.  I kept watching for the left head tilt.  I saw nothing.  I am so excited to say that he is pretty much straight on now.  He doesn't have to turn his head to look out of the corner of his eyes to be able to see. He still has a chin down head tilt but that isn't bad and barely noticeable. This is a huge deal for so many reasons.  One is that the head tilt would have caused him lots of neck and spine issues in the future.  The other is that without the tilt, his nystagmus is not very noticeable at all.  This is so awesome b/c we all know how mean kids can be to each other and I have feared that he would be picked on b/c of his eyes and the head tilt.  Now he just looks like any other kid! 

Also, he had showed some really bad farsighted issues before the surgery.  Even though we were told the surgery would not help that at all, the prayers did.  That has improved a little and she expects it to continue to improve the older that he gets.  So that means no glasses for him right now.  I do think he would have been so cute in glasses but I had such dread over how many pairs he would break!

He was such a good boy today.  Usually we are in and out of there pretty quick but today they were crazy busy.  We were in there for 2 1/2 hours!!!  Paul was going crazy but Tegan was being a perfect and sweet little man. We were so glad to hear that for the first time since he was diagnosed, he doesn't have to go back for a WHOLE YEAR!  What an awesome day! 


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