Friday, June 3, 2011

What I learned from Vacation!!!

This past week we went on a nice five day vacation to Myrtle Beach. It has been a while since we took a REAL (more than a weekend) trip and also the first time we have been on a vacation just us four . Every year we have had a vacation scheduled and stuff would get in the way and cause us to cancel. This year all the stars aligned and by God's good grace we got to get away for a while and stay at a great (and clean) place called Sea Crest Resorts. I am going to do a whole different post about our trip with tons of pictures but since I am so tired tonight, I am just going to do a "What I learned from Vacation" post....

1. DO NOT put Bath and Body works lotion on your body right after you have gotten sunburned!!! I did this and literally had to peel my bra straps off of my shoulders. It was very painful!!!

2. All because you put on sunscreen at the beginning of the day does not mean that you are invincible!

3. DO NOT ride the new Jimmy Buffett Sky Wheel at Myrtle Beach if you have a fear of heights. The fact that it is enclosed does not help with the fact that you are going 200 feet in the air in a glass case!!! It is awesome though b/c it is air conditioned and private but I was pretty sure I was going to die at some point! But if you aren't afraid, it is a must for your next Myrtle Beach trip!

4. Contrary to my belief, all the swimming, walking, sweating and playing does not counteract all of the totally fatty foods that we ate! My scales were not nice to me:(

5. Although I love my SLR camera, I will get me a much smaller camera to take on my next vacation. It isn't practical to carry around that big camera everywhere we went!

6. There is no place like the beach to make you feel both horrible and great about your body. Great b/c you compare your body to some of those that shouldn't be walking around in that two piece bathing suit. Horrible b/c some ladies look so great that they make you feel like you should be wearing a t shirt and shorts to swim in.

7. Long hair is wonderful at the beach b/c you can just pull it up!!! I forgot that and almost got it cut right before!

8. Long and thick hair really sucks at the beach b/c it seems to never get dry.

9. I was totally capable of taking a week off from being a germaphobe and just let whatever happens happen! It wasn't easy but it was a stressful losing battle that I just gave up on within an hour of getting there.

10. Going on vacation is awesome and fun but when you get home you remember that there is no place like home!!!!

Goodnight....I have missed my bed!

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