Saturday, June 4, 2011


Our hotel at Myrtle Beach was really geared toward kids which made for a much better experience. I just have to say that whomever came up with this idea is a freaking GENIUS!!!!
This little area is just one of the areas for kids to play. There is an indoor large 1ft pool, regular indoor pool, two indoor hot tubs, one indoor lazy river and a large outdoor regular pool.

Just about everyday we parked our butts in some chairs around this pool and actually got to sit and relax while the kids ran wild and played for days in what Tegan called the "White Pool".

The whole entire pool is only 1ft deep which made it perfect for Tegan. Rylee would get bored with it so we would tag team taking her to the other pools but she always liked coming back to this pool and going down the water slide. Tegan did the water slide once but he was terrified and came out crying saying "I so scared, I so scared". We will blame that on Paul b/c he is the one that let him go down it:) I intend on holding on to my mother of the year award so I was standing at the bottom to jerk him out of the water as he came out.

I will never ever go to another hotel with my kids or future grandkids that does not have one of these play areas. A total genius idea!!!!!

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