Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just A Taste...

**DISCLAIMER: Husband I don't know if you ever read this but don't read this post until after Sunday unless you want to know what small gift you are getting for Father's Day:)**

So I thought I would give you a sample of one small little paragraph that I wrote in an email to my friend today. I had to laugh when I looked back over it b/c she asked the simple question "What are you up to today?" and she got this really awesome answer....

It isn't even 2:00 yet and it feels like it has been a hectic day. I made a trip to Athens to meet my dad for lunch for my Birthday. Of course I had two kids in tow which makes for pure craziness. Life is so stressful right now with Tegan b/c he is seriously to big for his stroller (his feet drag the ground) but yet he runs WILD when we get out of the car. I think I like him best when he is strapped in his car seat:) Anyways, we ran to Old Navy b/c before our beach trip Paul saw a Braves shirt there that he wanted but wouldn't buy for himself. So, I being the good wife that I am, took my own birthday money and bought him the dang $20 shirt. Plus I had to buy Rylee a whole piece bathing suit and I lucked up b/c Old navy had some marked half price so I got one for her for $8. Then I had to pick up one more piece of fabric at Hobby Lobby which is so stressful b/c I have to concentrate and then wait for three days for someone to cut the fabric and then wait 5 more days in the check out line. All that while Tegan is running around like a mad man and knocking things off the shelves. Then we go to the Varsity. Not my lunch choice but it is my dad's favorite so whatever. Anyways, the kid spills an entire cup of chocolate milk all over him, the table and the floor. It was awesome and got even more awesome when he decided to stick his foot in all of the chocolate milk under the table...on purpose. I was going to make a trip to Wal-mart but who has the energy for that. I gave up and came home where I continue to fight Tegan just to get him to sit down and rest a while. Good times! I have got to find things to do in the mornings to start wearing him out but the only problem with that is that I will wear out before he does. Kid with a lot of energy + mommy with no energy = bad day, tired mommy and still wild boy!! He is lucky I love him so much and that he has a really cute smile. Rylee was sweet as always so I think there may be hope for a calm down phase with Tegan in about four LONG years:)

I'm not sure if she was ready for all that but she asked and I answered. Happy Tuesday everybody or whatever day it is!!!

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