Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun in the Sun

This is like part 15 of my beach post but I can't help it. You would be shocked to know that I only pulled my camera out 4 times the whole time we were there but yet still had over 400 pictures to sort through. So you can expect at least two more beach post and then I will be done.

We weren't suppose to leave out until dark and early Tuesday morning to head to the beach but being the crazy people we are, we decided at around 2:30 on Monday afternoon to go ahead and get the drive over with. We loaded up and in less than a half hour we were on our way. This little dude was excited and I think he thought he was going to bike week at the beach:)
We arrived at around 8:30 Monday night. Just enough time to check-in, grab dinner and rest up for the next day. The kids had us up at 7:00 AM ready to hit the beach. We had a very relaxing and go with the flow type week. We had no set schedule and no idea what we would do from day to day....just what the Dr. ordered for me.

This little beauty has decided to move to the beach when she is all grown up! I hope she changes her mind and decides to live with me forever!

This one...well what can I say. He keeps me on my toes that is for sure!

We stayed in an angle oceanfront suite. The husband and I both don't like the whole "angle" thing but we sacrificed and it was so worth it. We ended up with a room that had one room with two beds, a full kitchen, bathroom and another room with another full size bed, couch & TV. It was awesome and kept us from killing each other!

Both kids loved the ocean but Tegan insisted on me carrying him through the waves. There was this one time that me and him may have gotten knocked down by a wave and my bathing suit bottoms may have gotten pulled down a little.

Now in the next several pictures you may notice that most of them are of Tegan. Believe me, there is no lack of pictures of Ry but I just don't feel real comfortable posting lots of pictures on here of her in a bikini bathing suit. If I had it my way she would have wore long sleeves and blue jeans to the pool and ocean everyday!

Look at this cutie!!!

He LOVES to TORTURE me with the fingers in his mouth!

Ry was in pouting mode when I took this picture! I just sat there snapping pictures of her until she perked up a little!

We look like we are on a sky lift but we aren't, we are on the pier and Ry took this picture of us.

See me in the picture below?

Below is a picture of my beautiful family.

We had a great vacation. Everyone got along (except for the occasional brother/sister spat), no one got sick and we actually got to relax. My husband may have drove like a race car driver on the way home but I tried to just close my eyes. Any one who knows my husband knows that I have to beg and plead to get him to go on any kind of a trip b/c he just hates leaving home and hates spending money. He wasn't happy at all about going but once we got there he was better than he had ever been on a trip. He let himself enjoy it and not worry about all the stuff back at home as did I.

I am trying to figure out a way that I can go back next month but so far no luck:)

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