Sunday, June 19, 2011

Handmade Diaper Bag....


So I have been working on several different things for my shop lately. I am not ready to show a lot of them but one thing that I am ready to show is the diaper bags I will be selling. When I started my etsy shop, diaper/tote bags were my thing. They were the whole reason that I started the shop and for a long time how I made my income and not to mention how many I sold on ebay. I let it get a little out of hand though. I started offering to many different fabric choices so that was causing me to have to keep stock of all those fabrics which can get expensive fast. Then I was selling the diaper bags locally for basically what I had in them. Sometimes, I was losing money on them. I got to where I hated making them and they were way to time consuming. So I took a break. I completely stopped offering diaper/tote bags and really enjoyed the break. Recently I made a diaper bag for my sister. I made it different. I used quilted fabric as the base and started from there. I really loved making that diaper/tote bag and really liked the end result. So I got to thinking, I always keep that black quilted fabric on hand so why not start offering diaper bags in a few standard fabric choices. Hopefully I will find the brown quilted fabric I use to have and add that to the collection but for now Joanne's is sold out of it:)

The new bags are a little bigger than my old ones. They measure 18 1/2 inches wide by 14 1/2 inches tall. They have two interior pockets. You can find this exact bag and purchase it HERE!

Now for a little price break....I am wanting a few sample pictures of some. I would love to do the two black and white fabrics below with either pink, green or turquoise fabric, ribbon and embroidery. So I will offer one sample of each combo for $26.99 with FREE shipping if you choose one of the two fabrics below. You can also get this deal on the zebra print one if you choose green or turquoise colors instead of pink! Please comment here or email me (at if you are interested. I will work out the details of payment with you. If you feel more comfortable going through etsy then I will set you up a reserved listing for your order.

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