Friday, June 10, 2011

Because It Is My Birthday...

Today I am finally taking a break from the beach post although there is sure to be ONE more with never before seen pictures just to drive you over the edge. Well today I am 31 years old. No worries though because according to the lady at Hobby Lobby, I look like I am around 20. I'm sure that she was just being gracious but I don't care....I'm going to take it and run with it. I spent three much needed kid free hours out and about this morning to grab a few things and head to lunch with my bestie. I have to tell you this summer break at home with the kids is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought. When I thought of spending the summer at home with my kids I had visions of sugarplums dancing in my head but instead I am getting a whole lot of sibling fighting and power struggles. I plan to change that if I can though. The first week was just a resting week and celebration from surviving the school year. The second week was beach week. This third week of break has been Baycay Bible Cool (vacation bible school). So hopefully next week I can start getting them out in the mornings and if I can't find a way to wear them out then I am sure the Georgia heat will pick up my slack.
This post was suppose to be about my birthday but as always my world is centered around my kids. I will take this to the dark side shortly and then pull it right back if I may. This past week a little boy that is 10 years old and attended our church on Wed. nights, was killed in a car wreck. I didn't know him but my daughter did. Actually there were two 10 year olds that were killed in that car wreck. It was a very quick and harsh reminder to me that these kids may be driving me crazy, are turning my hair white and are sure to force me to lock myself in the bathroom but they are ever so precious to me. I have loved them and hugged them even more than normal this week and pray that I get to do that for the rest of my days.
The years keep flying by, for me and them but as with everyone I have a hard time remembering to stop and smell the roses. Turning thirty one to me doesn't mean I am getting older (but I guess I kind of am) but it means that I am still alive, well, happy and healthy. So many people don't get to live to see their 31st birthday but I have and for that I am grateful. So ladies (and men), complain all you want about life, your kids and even your spouse but always stop at the end of the day and praise the Lord for the blessings, burdens and life that he has given you!

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  1. Happy birthday!!! I hope your day is fantastic.
    Loving all the pictures. :)