Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bullet Point Post

  • I got a new kitchen table for Christmas and let me just say I am super impressed! Finding a table on a budget isn't easy. I went from a four chair tile top table that I hated with a passion to a beautiful wooden six chair table that looks way more expensive than it was. Where did I get it you ask?? WALMART!!! Unreal I know but they have this Better Homes and Garden brand of furniture that is super beautiful, very well made and AWESOME! For $245 I got the table and six chairs.
  • This week has been the great clean out of 2010 in my house. This past week I have given away about 5 bags of toys, a kitchen table, 2 TVs, a bakers rack, a dry erase board and a baby bed.
  • What's that? A baby bed? Yes that is right...We no longer own a baby bed and that has been one of the hardest steps to make. It wasn't sad with Rylee but with Tegan it was hard b/c I know he is my last baby unless the good Lord is working on the adoption section of my hubby's heart:)
  • So let's talk about the baby bed take down. Paul started to second guess the take down due to his own sentimental feelings and then he began to sing the country song "Your Gonna Miss This". Which prompted Tegan to start singing it. Which prompted tears from a Mommy who is already having a whole lot of trouble letting go!
  • So how did the first few nights go? Well someone gave me a great idea to block him in his room with a baby gate. That was such an awesome idea until at 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the morning he would reach right over and open the darn baby gate. But he didn't come to my room but yet just went to sleep on the couch b/c he said it was to dark in his room. This would have been fine if the kid could be trusted wondering around the house in the middle of the night alone. So last night the dear hubby rigged the gate so that Teg couldn't open it and a successful nights sleep was had by all. I am praying the same happens tonight since it is almost midnight and I am still awake:)
  • There have been two full days in a row this week that I did not get out of my pajamas. I would just take a shower and put my pajamas back on. Nice!
  • Tomorrow is "Go spend our gift cards and Christmas money day". I am so ready for a little retail therapy although that will prove to be very trying since we will have two kids that hate to leave the house in tow. Oh and a husband that hates Target and that is my main shopping destination b/c that is where I have gift cards to!
  • Tomorrow is also my grandmothers 84 birthday!!!
  • One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year has been my Lysol soap dispenser. You know the one where you don't have to touch it but just wave your hand in front of it...I love that thing.
  • My ETSY shop is back open for business and has gotten off to an awesome start yet again!
  • I am going to bed now!!!

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  1. Pajama days are always the BEST! have fun on spending gift cards and christmas money. As always i still love catching up on your life via your blog.