Friday, December 10, 2010

I get it....I really do

Has anyone seen my mind laying around?? I had a whole list of errands to run this morning and things to pick up while Teg was at school but yet I came home with bags full of stuff from the Dollar Tree:) I mean really, is there anything better than going in to a store and picking up eleven things and only pay $11 plus tax??

Next week is my final exam for Anatomy and Physiology and if the good Lord loves me at all he will let me pass so that I never ever have to take that class again. Most people at my school take this class (sometimes multiple times) trying to make an A, not me...I just want to pass. I'm pretty convinced that God isn't going to change the plans he has for my future just b/c I get a C in Anatomy and Physiology II....did I mention that it is the level 2 class??

This weekend is going to be one of those weekends that makes me crazy. In fact I almost bought a gingerbread house kit (the tiny village) to do with my kids and remembered there would be no time this weekend so I will just get one next week. There are a few photo sessions to do and edit so these people can have them for Christmas cards and gifts. I re posted 10 camera strap covers the other night and sold 10. So as of right now I am about 15 straps behind on orders that people are desperately wanting for Christmas gifts. There will be lots of studying for the final...or at least I hope so. Sunday morning is church and the afternoon will consist of watching my kids do their thing in the Christmas program. I'm it Tuesday yet??

So about the title....I got tons and tons of feedback on here, my inbox and my facebook page about my sweet little Rylee. Her Dr. was quick to say seek therapy and some even suggested medication but instead we have been taking extra time with her, leaving her sweet little notes in her book bag, praying with her and over her at night and talking to her about trusting that God will take good care of all of us. While I was talking to her the other night and she was telling me about some of the things she is worrying about I have to say I started to have a slight panic attack. The things she is worrying about are legitimate fears that if we all stop to think about we will all collapse to the floor in tears with a tummy ache. Worries of losing our loved ones or being stuck somewhere you don't want to be are not always things we can control but boy is it spooky to think about. So I get it...I really do.
She has had two great days and seems to be very happy and have a lot more energy. I believe that she believes that the Lord is taking great care of her and that is enough to liven her up a little.

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