Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who Needs a Christmas Village???

This is what it was suppose to look like!
This was the only actual house that we got out of five isn't that bad is it??
She is serious.

We gave up on the houses and started decorating the cookie panels!

Of course there was lots of taste testing going on.
I didn't do it!!!

Rylee's snowman face.
We worked up a thirst!
This little $9 kit was well worth it. Yes it made a mess but it provided a solid 90 minutes of pure fun for my little ones so that made it worth it.

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  1. Girl, I just laughed so hard when I saw this!! My mom bought the village for the kids to do on Christmas Eve when my parents came over. I seemed like it would be so easy! The kids liked the icing but I swear it tasted like glue :) Next year I think we will get the already assembled, ready to decorate village! ~~Janis