Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yes I just said that and these days I am saying that more and more. People around me are going crazy and I am figuring out that nothing is ever as it seems. There are people with double and sometimes triple lives all around me. I can't process it and I am trying to figure out a way to not just decide to hate everyone I come in contact with. It seems like everything is changing and nothing is the same anymore...except inside my own house or at least I think everything is OK or the same inside my own house but who the heck knows these days.

On a different note there was a moment where my arm had a small but very painful accident with a doorknob (of all things) that has resulted in me being positive that my arm is broken. Although my teacher (aka Dr. teacher) says he didn't think it is broke, I'm not convinced. It really really hurts and my hand keeps getting puffy. But for three days we don't have insurance so I have just had to dealt with the pain while waiting for our new insurance to pick up! Grey's Anatomy Seriously moment is over. Thanks for listening:)

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