Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rewards for potty training???

When you learn to poop in the potty at my house, you get one of these....

It seemed to be a good idea at the time except now every time he does his #2 business in the potty he says "wets go to walmart, get me knew knew toy!"

In all honesty this potty training thing has been slow going but most importantly it has been moving along at little man's pace. I haven't pushed him with it and just let him move to the next step when he is ready. Let me just clarify that Rylee was a super quick potty trainer and it helped that she had an aggressive and on board babysitter when the time came for her. She started wearing panties one day and never looked back. In fact, I can't remember Rylee ever having more than two or three accidents. OK...back to Teg, one day we introduced undieroos (as he calls them) to him. Pull-ups were nothing more than a glorified diaper for him and I also found myself telling him while we were out of the house to just go in his pull-up b/c I didn't want to take time to take him to the potty(yes I know I just lost serious mommy points). He has had lots of undieroo accidents but he HATES to feel the wet on his bottom and legs so he quickly learned what was causing it and has done wonderful!!! He strictly wears undieroos during the day now.

Then there is the issue of sleeping. Well he still pees SO MUCH while he is sleeping that he actually saturates the diaper and wakes up wet all over most days. Needless to say, there is no way to put him down to sleep without a diaper on so I guess I will just keep waiting and suddenly it will happen right???

Next we have the poop segment. Yes folks, my son wouldn't have an accident in the undieroos but yet take the time to come beg me for a diaper and I would oblige. He would then run to the closest corner, poop and ask for a new diaper. It worked out great for us until I started having nightmares of him being 18 and us still going through this extremely awkward process. Teg is a clock work kid and I know exactly what time of day he does his business so I have just started putting him on the potty at that exact time and BAM...We have a pooper!!!!

Lastly there is his public restroom phobia. When we started this whole process he would use the public potty but then there was this one night at Red Lobster that involved me, Tegan, an automatic flushing toilet and pee going EVERYWHERE! So when he would scream at the mere suggestion of taking him in to the potty I had to take extreme measures. When we were out of the house and the urge hit, I would (and probably still will resort to this sometimes) open both passenger side doors, put him in between them, strip him from the waist down and let him pee. It works pretty darn good until you are sitting in a restaurant eating and he wants you to leave the table to take him outside to pee. So we started trying public potties again. I would talk him up about being a big boy and tell him it is going to be OK. Just like with the poop...suddenly he just let go of his fear and relieved himself!!! What a great moment. In fact he is so proud of himself for peeing in public potties that when we walk out of the restroom door he tells everyone we pass about how he just pee pee potty...and he doesn't use his inside voice to do this. It really is very cute b/c he has started building his own self up and says over and over "I a big boy, it gone be fine mama" and then he keeps his ears plugged with his fingers b/c he doesn't like to hear the toilets flush...even the ones that he is no where near.

Its a great feeling to almost be through with diapers. If I can just get him to sleep without peeing or at least put a catheter in at night, I will be golden!!

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