Saturday, May 8, 2010

The meaning of Mother's Day...

from my point of view. I like to be catered to just look anyone else but as all of use mother's know...a mommy's job is never done! Mother's day to me is a day to get a pat on the back telling me a job well done but not a day of rest. I don't get to lay around in peace and quiet watching movies, eating chocolate all day and nor do I want to. I want to be with my kids, mothering them and see my mom, being mothered myself. I know that my kids appreciate me and all that I do for them but I don't need breakfast in bed to tell me that...although I think last year they brought me cereal in bed:) I don't look for a free pass and when my son has a dirty diaper, even though I look at my husband and say"that one is yours, its mother's day", I always end up changing him!

Some people think they shouldn't have to do anything on Mother's day and they claim it "worship insert name here" day but unless your mother is don't get a true Mother's day! It's up to us as children (even though we are mother's) to step up and plan the perfect day for our moms. I definitely wouldn't trade my Mom for one day a year of "worship me day".

I love my mom dearly and think that she is a very strong, tough and totally stubborn woman. She raised five kids and did a great job with us. So tomorrow I will wake up, change a diaper, fix breakfast, get ready for church, celebrate my husband's mom and then celebrate my mom. No where in there do I plan to celebrate myself....I'll leave that part to my kids!!!

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