Friday, July 31, 2009

Photographing Bryson

Why haven't I thought of this before??? I mean I love to take pictures of people but I LOVE to take good and creative pictures of people. Well hopefully this is the beginning of a little money making from that really awesome camera my dear Hubby got me!

I had a session with little man Bryson yesterday afternoon. It had been pouring rain most of the day and the clouds parted just in time for this little man to show how cute he is. At first he was very shy and wouldn't look at me. I still got some great shots of him looking out at the river. Then he warmed up to me and was just so cute. It didn't take much after that to get lots and lots of great pictures. I couldn't even pick from just two to put on here so I didn't...I picked more. I'm not really sure how in the world his mom is going to pick what she wants...there are just to many to choose from.

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