Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photography 101

I am a self taught sewer. From start to finish no one has ever taught me how to do anything when it came to sewing. Somehow after a few years I perfected my skills but not without a lot of wasted time and fabrics. Well I am loving my new camera. I love to take pictures of people and also capture small moments that are more like candid shots. I am still trying to figure out if anyone can teach you anything about photography. I don't mean about your camera but I mean about capturing a shot. Some people just have an eye for it and some don't. I'm not sure if I have an eye for it that others can see but I definitely feel like I am always looking for a great picture moment. I have been practicing and have a few people who have mentioned me taking some pictures of them. This week (if we can remember) I plan to do some shots of baby Addie and get some practice in there. I'm trying to decide on a fee amount(not for you Shannon) to charge for sessions. My plan is to not be involved in the printing at all. Just meet people at a location of their choice, take pictures, upload to a CD and they can do what they want with them (You don't get that advantage when you go anywhere else!!!) What would you pay for that???

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