Saturday, August 1, 2009


INK stands for Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, a children's hands on museum. I think INK should stand for I'm Now Krazy b/c that is how us two adults felt when we left there. Me and Larkin had this crazy idea to venture out to take our kids to do something last week. Well had the weather cooperated and we followed through with a trip to a fenced in splash pad, I think we would have been fine. But it was cloudy and threatening rain all day so we decided to find something inside to do. Larkin pulled me by my hair talked me in to going to this "great" place called INK. Well it is great and really fun for kids but not their mommy...especially their extremely germaphobic mommy!!!! We walked through the doors and literally all three kids ran in three different directions. Now the math didn't add up on that since there were only two adults. We took them in to a small little play room where the two girls were playing nicely and my son was so happy to have found a car to play with. The only problem was that when we were ready to leave that room and go to another, Teg was not ready to let go of that car and therefore threw an ALL OUT FIT for pretty much THE REST OF THE TIME we were there. I mean I even had to find a corner a couple of times and just block him in it while he screamed and threw his body in different directions. Even though it was extremely loud in there from all the kids running around playing, people were still looking at us like "Get that kid out of here!" Rylee would want to do something different than the little kids so I would run with her for a second and that would leave Larkin literally being pulled apart by two different almost two year olds pulling her in opposite directions. An hour was the most me and her could take before we walked as fast as we could toward the Exit sign without breaking the no running rule that they had posted all over the place. I drove way over the speed limit just to get home. I dropped Larkin and KB off and headed home. I'm pretty sure that before I could make it home, Larkin was in a deep coma sleep with a pretty bad headache.
The moral of this time me and Larkin will plan better and don't take your kids to INK without man on man supervision!!!!

notice all the drool on Teg's shirt...that's where he had been screaming!!!

That would be the famous truck he screamed for in his hands!!!

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  1. I knew there was a reason we had two kids! Hubby wanted 3 - I said 2 was good, one per adult.