Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm just flowing with creativity...

I finished up my college courses for the spring on June 9th. Ever since then I have been sewing like a made woman b/c I was going in with a friend to have a booth at our counties local July 4th celebration. Well on Sunday my husband suggest that we take off and go somewhere for July 4th weekend. WHAT!!! This is the man who doesn't like to go out to eat, much less leave our property for several days in a row! So I moved as fast as I could to find somewhere to go before he could change his mind. Of course I am pretty sure that he was just saying it to make me happy and in no way believed that I would pull a hotel out of my butt the air on the weekend of the 4th. I mean surely every place would be totally booked up. Well after checking reservations online and having no luck I decided to start calling some places. When it was all over I landed an overpriced reservation that had just been cancelled on little bitty Tybee Island here in Georgia. I know it's not the greatest vacation and it won't be very long but if my feet get to touch sand...I mean real sand, not the kind at a playground...then it totally counts! Unfortunately that means I have to skip out on what was going to be my first public craft fair. But good old Jessica is wonderful and didn't mind and has even offered for me to go ahead and bring all the bags I am have sewing like crazy and she will try to sell them for me. How great!!! So now I have quit the sewing and started the packing. It sucks b/c I have to start my summer quarter classes on Monday so I really didn't take much of a break with all the sewing and stuff but the beach should make up for that. I will leave you with a few pictures of my new stuff. If they don't sell at the craft fair then you can be sure to grab one at my Etsy shop!!!


  1. I adore these bags! I love the cherry Wallflower design - I have a yard of it and don't want to cut into it yet! I just love drooling over it all nice and crisp and not-yet-cut. :-) Have fun on your mini-vacation! My husband ALSO hates travelling/leaving the house. Such a hermit!

  2. Love your stuff! You are so talented and creative!