Thursday, July 2, 2009


Tomorrow morning (bright and early I might add) we will load up way to much stuff in the back of the car and head out for a very short weekend trip to the beach. To me, you can never stay long enough at the beach so I am just going to enjoy the three short days I get this year. I have totally over packed which includes a pack-n-play, a very large suitcase with way more clothes than we could possibly use in three days, diaper bag, bathroom stuff bag, toys, a just in case anyone gets sick medicine get the picture. I am a hoarder at heart and can't seem to take enough stuff with us. But I guess it is better to be prepared. Look for lots of pictures next week although I am very nervous about taking that expensive camera near sand and water but what good is it if I don't!
Bags packed....3 hours
House clean.....2 hours
Going to the beach....PRICELESS!

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