Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Did we have fun....

Oh yes! It was so nice to get to see the awesomeness (is that a word) of the ocean after not getting to see it for like five years. I love the ocean! I do not go to the beach to set by a pool or do anything else but be at the beach...Paul does not agree with that.
We left really early in the morning on Friday and got down there way before check-in time. So we were pretty much stuck riding around for a little while. Once we made it down to the beach Rylee loved loved loved it. She is definitely my child. Friday night the island did some great fireworks. In fact they were the best fireworks any of us had ever seen. It made it even better that we were sitting on a beach with a wonderful little breeze blowing and didn't have to sit in traffic afterward.
Saturday was spent at the beach and watching Tegan eat ice dipped in sand and play in the sand. Me, Paul and Rylee played in the waves while the Mother-in-laws feet never hit the water....ever....the whole trip!!! Later that evening we went on a dolphin boat tour. Us adults were skeptics and thought the chances of running in to a dolphin was slim to none. Well we were very wrong. We probably saw 30 or 40 or more dolphins with about 6 or so of them coming up close to the boat where we could get a great look at them. It was definitely a highlight of the trip. We ate lots of good food and just enjoyed being away for the weekend. Now we are back to reality! I am going to probably split up these beach pictures in a couple different post b/c there are way to many of them and plus blogger takes forever to upload them!

Waiting for the fireworks on the beach!

Tegan in the ocean.

Rylee dancing in the ocean!

Mom we are trying to watch the fireworks...stop with the pictures.

This was Tegan's very first look at the fireworks.

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