Saturday, May 31, 2008

Time nothing but time...

Sometimes I feel like the world (by that I mean my kids) think I have nothing but time on my hands. Mommy I'm hungry, mommy I want juice, cry for bottle, cry with dirty diaper, etc....
Well lately I do have a little more time on my hands. Things have worked out (by that I mean I'm going in a different direction as my part time job)so that I get to be home with the children for the summer. This is especially nice b/c this is Rylee's last summer before big kid school and it is nice to be home with her. But so far I can't tell that I am getting any more done than before.
Last weekend Paul went and bought a baby pool for the kids. Since it was really hot on Memorial Day I decided to see how Tegan and Rylee would like it. I spent 20 minutes dragging it around the house trying to figure out exactly where I wanted to put it so that the sun wasn't shining directly on Tegan but yet I could sit very close by to him (without getting in) and still get a little sun. Then I spent another 10 minutes rounding me up a chair, propping up an umbrella over Tegan's side, and finding them some toys that were age appropriate for both a five year old and nine month old...that part may have taken a little longer. Then I spent another five minutes filling the pool up. Another 20 minutes getting on swimsuits and sunblock. Finally we are in the pool.....18 minutes later....They have had enough! So let's recap, close to an hour to get prepared for 18 minutes of pure fun!
They did love it and Tegan took a face first dive a few times so I guess it was worth it. Rylee starts swimming lessons this coming week so she will get lots of pool time.

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