Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So today I took Tegan to see the Pediatric Neurologist. Luckily I didn't have to drive to Augusta b/c he comes to St. Mary's once a month and I was able to get an appointment with him. Well it is in this tiny office space at St. Mary's with no room to turn around in the waiting room. I walked in and there was no one there. About 30 seconds later 50 people....o.k less than that...49 people started to pack in there. It was crazy. Also sad to see lots of the small kids. Well I got back pretty quick and the Neurologist seemed to be pretty impressed with Tegan's progress. The first thing he commented on was that the movement of his eyes had slowed down a whole lot. He thinks that he has just minor delays now if any at all. He was a little worried about his legs b/c he will not put weight on them and I told him how he loves to kick them and he said that he should be standing on them like in our laps or if we stood him up at a table and he doesn't. Of course I didn't think to tell him about how hard he jumps in his jumparoo and slams himself around in his saucer. He really stands on his legs in those things. He wants the physical therapist to start working on strengthening his legs. Once again we left the Dr. without a diagnosis but he told me that was a a good thing b/c not having a diagnosis means that hopefully there is nothing major wrong and that his vision/nystagmus has just slowed him down. He wants to see him in Nov. b/c he will be 14 months old then and will hopefully be able to see him walking or at least cruising. He said he was very optimistic that he will outgrow all of this and thought that pretty soon no one will notice his nystagmus b/c of how much it has improved.
Now the big question...IMMUNIZATIONS....so I am all for him having his shots but I am scared of it harming him at this point. Had he not had these delays I would have never thought twice about it. He said he couldn't promise even the person with the healthiest child that their child wouldn't have regressive autism. But that Tegan shows no signs of autism. He says that he does believe that the shots can cause problems but also told me that recently all the mercury has been removed from the shots which was what they think are causing the problems. He recommended that he get his shots slowly and if at anytime we feel something isn't right then to stop. He said one shot every week or two weeks until he is caught up. Bless his heart b/c he is behind by 10 shots! He said that Tegan should never get his immunizations all at one time and we should always spread it out which is fine by me. HE said even if he is five and not a problem in the world he should get his shots one at a time. So I guess we will start that process at his 9 month check-up at the end of the month. Below are a few pictures of my sweet kids today. Tegan was a wild man tonight and I got a great video of him in that bath but can't figure out why my blog will not post them. I put him on the floor on a blanket and within seconds he was all the way across the floor and never missing a beat just rolling all the way. He also managed to roll away from me while changing his diaper....let's just say he has a temper these days.

Do I look like I have an ear infection and two new teeth?

His first pair of shoes. He actually loved them!

After about six pictures this was the best I could do. I tried to get some of Rylee alone but she wasn't interested.


  1. Cute Cute! Sounds like a good report from the neuro!

  2. Quick questions. Is he crawling, etc? What does your PT do with him? How about the use of equipment? For a long time Ivey would not bare weight on her legs.
    Great pictures, and no, I can't tell there is an ear infection from the looks on his sweet face. Hope you have a great Mother's DAy weekend.