Tuesday, June 3, 2008

9 Months Already!

Can you believe my little big Tegan is nine months already! I forgot to update last week when he hit nine months and had his nine month check-up. Here are the stats:
Weight: 22 lbs 2.5 oz
Height: 28 1/2"
Such a big boy. HE is already having to wear some 18 month outfits. The Dr. agreed with me when I said that more and more I feel like his vision is what has affected his development and he said that is the best case scenario. How will it continue to affect it....who knows. Until he is older and he can tell us what the world looks like through his eyes we don't have a clue. Some grown people that have his vision problem say that the whole world is constantly moving from side to side and some say it doesn't do that to them. Hopefully his brain is compensating and he will never know the difference. In fact, this is all he knows. He has the cutest look where he has his chin down toward the floor and cuts his eyes up to look at you and it looks like he is flirting but really this is what they call his null point. A null point is where they can turn their eyes a certain way and make the movement stop. Oh for those of you just joining us, Tegan has an eye condition called Nystagmus. I noticed at around three months that it looked like he was constantly scanning the room. Nystagmus is where their eyes constantly move from side to side. It can never get worse but only better with age. The range is huge as that he could be anywhere from legally blind to almost perfect vision...there's just no way to know this yet.
Anyways Of course he showed poor body tone for the Dr. but I know better and I know that he can do most of what he wouldn't do for the Dr. The only concern is still his legs but I have been working on that and he seems to be getting a little stronger. It's just that his hips seem very unstable and wobble alot while I am holding him in a standing position. He can't stand at all holding on to something without me helping him.
He is doing amazing things everyday. He loves to be in the floor in the sitting position surrounded by his toys. He can make a mess fast. HE can also get across the floor on his butt to get what he wants. If I put him in the all fours position he doesn't try to crawl but yet will push himself up to a sitting position. He laughs a lot. Oh I love that laugh and so does Rylee. She makes him laugh alot and he loves her and loves to play with her. He still isn't interested in much table food except last week at Cracker Barrel when he ate dumplings, macaroni and bread. He is so sweet and loves his mama...that translates into....that he is spoiled and would like to be on mama's hip every second of the day. For the sake of my back he does a little whining but is getting better.
So anyway, he is coming along well and I really feel like and pray that he overcomes all of his delays and that his vision problem completely corrects its self. We still continue to do occupational therapy and after a six week break from physical therapy, we go back next week and hopefully will start working on his legs a lot more.

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  1. Sounds like this handsome boy is making good progress!