Monday, May 5, 2008

Mother of the Year....

Not so much. With it just being less than a week until Mother's day we all look back and hope that we have done the best that we can. Well today is not one of those days for me. My poor little man has been getting two new teeth. The experience has been less than fun for him and me. Well last night he didn't sleep well which means I didn't sleep well and then today he was refusing to take a nap. Every time he ran a low grade fever I would just give him Tylenol and chalk it up to teething. Today after fighting with him to take a nap and losing the battle after my desperate attempt to make him cry it out for about 45 minutes, I finally gave in and called the Dr. and they said to bring him on in. I felt it was a huge waste of time and they were going to tell me that he was just teething and to deal with it. Not so much as they tell me that my boy has a really bad ear infection in his left ear on top of the pain of getting new teeth. Poor wonder he is so miserable. Now how do I feel about my mothering skills now after making him lay in his bed and cry for 45 minutes today....I suck. Just for today though....don't worry, I babied him so much that he may never return to normal! I love that guy!

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