Saturday, May 17, 2008

The sick couch

My "sick couch" has been used up and needs to be thrown out with the trash after the past couple of weeks we have had. First it all started with Tegan and an ear infection, then went to Paul with awful allergies (which he still has, two weeks and counting), me with an upset stomach and then on to Rylee with a very long lasting strange fever.
Rylee likes to lay on our loveseat when she is sick. One time I called it the sick couch and now she thinks that if the slightest thing is wrong she needs to sleep or lay on the sick couch. It actually works well b/c she brings some of her toys on it and has everything she needs right there so she doesn't get up.
Well Thursday night (more like Friday morning) I was having a blissful dream, which I still can't remember, when I started coming out of it I realized I was having a real life conversation with Rylee and obviousley was not listening to what she was saying b/c she was trying to tell me she didn't feel good and I was saying something completely different so she just stopped talking an began to cry. (that was a long sentence) Anyways, she was telling me that she was really hot and sweating and I felt of her and noticed that she was ice cold. I thought she too was having a crazy dream and I walked her back to her bed. That gut instinct woke up and kicked in and I decided to lay with her for a minute and as I was laying there with my hand touching her leg her entire body went from cold to hot in like 30 seconds. I immediately moved her to the sick couch more for my benefit b/c what germaphobe wants to lay in the same bed as a sick child. Atleast when she is on the sick couch I can lay on the other couch and not be breathing her germs directly into my lungs. So I gave her tylenol and a cold rag and laid down. About five minutes later she threw up or as she corrected me while the throw up was coming out...she vomitted. It was not a horrible throw up but it was throw up none the less. She then came back to the couch and she went straight to sleep as I laid there feeling nauseas surely that the stomach virus was going to be hitting me any second. Well it didn't and she slept all night without anymore more "vomitting". All day Friday and all day today she had nothing more wrong with her than a high fever. I was giving her tylenol and motrin every three hours around the clock but that was only keeping her temp down to around 101 most of the time. I took her to the on call doctor this morning only to have him tell me to give her tylenol and motrin every three hours around the clock. Oh and he tested her for strep even though her throat didn't hurt or look red and tested her urine just so that she could pee on my hand....or just so he could charge us for something, same difference. Anyways by around 6:00 or a little later tonight her fever subsided and she suddenly went from tired looking Rylee to taking two days worth of energy that she had lost and trying to cram it in to the last two hours before her bed time. I think she talked for a solid two hours! She, as was I, was very sad b/c we had to miss Allie's birthday party. Don't worry Heidi, she will get her gift b/c her name is embroidered on it and she is the only Allie I know.(Ha! I'm just kidding...I know Heidi just missed my company and not the gift) I am starting to think that Rylee just got sick like that on purpose to pretty much screw up my weekend but whatever the reason she was successful at it.

This next week will be her very last week of preschool. She graduates on Thursday night and she is very excited to take a little summer break b/c she hasn't had a break since starting in the three year old class. I will probably be posting a mushy post about that later so beware. Sorry no pictures tonight!

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