Friday, May 2, 2008


I was looking at my blog and realized I forgot to update you guys on Tegan's last therapy session. He was declared a "SUPER STAR". His physical therapist is so crazy about him and says that in 20 years of her career she has never seen a kid that was went from 0 to 60 as fast as he has. Of course I give Teggie's a lot of the credit but it is nice to have the physical therapist give me praise for pushing him along.
Here is the assessment results. In category one: (pushing his chest up, holding his head up, how he holds himself posture wise, etc..) When we started the beginning of February he was 5 months old, he rated at a 1 month level and (drum roll please) now he is on a 7 month level! That is six months of progress in just three months.
In category two: (rolling, sitting up, reaching for toys, etc..) When we started he was 5 months old and rated on a 2 month he is on a NINE month level! When they average the two together he is on a 8 month level and just turned 8 months old this past Sunday!
Keep in mind this is just the physical therapist and does not include the occupational therapist which is more of his fine motor skills but who cares....this is great! So our hopes are now that he stays right on target with his age now but it will just take a lot more work than for other kids. It was decided that he doesn't need to see the physical therapist again for six more weeks. Our next big obstacle is that when he starts to crawl and walk we don't know how his depth perception will be with his nystagmus. I'm hoping and expecting the best.
Tegan was given a gold for mommy to keep and one for him to eat. They say they hardly ever give out gold stars except when a kid is testing out of therapy!

What a great prize!

Look closely to read what it says!

Notice this one is Tegan's!

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