Saturday, May 10, 2008

The finale

That is what Rylee called today. She has been in dance class since August of last year and today they had their recital. I thought she may want to sign up again b/c she is so good at it and always dancing around here but she told me this was her grand finale. She said she wants to do cheerleading, singing lessons, t-ball and soccer...not sure if we will swing all of those but we are putting the singing lessons on hold until after her swimming lessons are over. She is just a busy little girl.
She was so beautiful and when I asked if all the people in the crowd scared her she thought I was crazy for asking that. She answered me as if she didn't even notice a packed building of adults eagerly awaiting all the dances. She is so funny b/c she told me that dance takes to long and she wants to do something that last a couple of weeks and is then over with....she's got it all figured out.
We went to the dress rehearsal last night and one of the little girls went potty in her outfit so the whole thing was pushed back a while but finally this dancing thing is over. Whoa Hoa!!!!! But I must say she was the best dancer in her group. She loved getting flowers from me and the magnificent Meme afterward also. She did notice that a few people were missing but I think we will more than make up for it at her graduation b/c we will probably have half the place with just our family! Which by the way she has a special part in that!

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