Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy as can be

Me and Rylee went this past Friday to our Relay for life with our church. I was exhausted afterward and we left at 10:00. We left Tegan and Paul behind and me and Rylee went to represent the family. Rylee ran all over that place to the point that me and her both couldn't hardly hold our eyes open long enough to get home. She actually slept late the next morning. Our church raised around $7,000 and our county raised over $90,000.

We have a busy week ahead this week. Tomorrow Tegan sees the neurologist for only the second time since discovering something wasn't completely right. Lucky for us he is coming to St. Mary's so instead of a 3 hour drive to Augusta we get to drive 20 minutes. This should be much more pleasant. Hopefully he will see all the progress that he has made and release us.
Then on Wed. he has occupational therapy and Rylee has a dentist appointment. Then she has her dance dress rehearsal on Friday and the recital is on Saturday. I hate to say it but I will be so glad when this dance is over. It has lasted a year and Rylee isn't that in to it anyway so I was so glad when she said she didn't want to do it again. Then of course Sunday will be busy with Mother's day. It is true what they don't get a mother's day until you no longer have a mother. I am completely content with never having a mother's day if that is the trade off I have to make.

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