Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jump around

Friday afternoon after Paul left to go to his second job around four, I decided to be brave and me and the children went to Ingles to the bank and to get groceries alone. I say alone b/c that is how I felt. As I started off with my baby in the cart (with a buggy cover of course) and my 5 1/2 year old I quickly noticed that I was all alone with a baby who hates to ride in a shopping cart so therefor you either give him a bag of unopened chips to play with or he screams the whole way and another child who decided that since she is out of school for the summer she needed everything in the store to eat. Oh don't worry about the chips...I always take back the ones that Tegan has played with and get myself a fresh bag. Anyways, as I was trying to cut our usual grocery bill in half, Rylee was steadily throwing food in the cart without me knowing. So needless to say I spent the same amount of money as I think I forgot to switch my chips!
Saturday morning we got out of bed early (8:00 am) and went over to the lake where my mom and step dad were camping. This was so exciting to me b/c this is the first time in two years we could do this b/c of Paul's dad being sick summer before last and me being home bound pregnant last summer. Despite keeping up with a 22 lb baby and hitting at 100's of flies and the boat deciding to break just for us, it was still a pretty good day. Oh...until my crazy brother showed up with 8 of his dearest redneck, middle aged friends (my brother is 22). Which didn't really bother us except when it rained for a minute and they came up and took over all the chairs outside the camper. Still mom cooked a good meal and we enjoyed that with a side of flies.
Today we went to church. I am trying to trick or help Teggie's ease in to staying in the church nursery. Those who know me know what a huge step this is as I don't usually let people within five feet of my child much less touch him and take care of him (that's the germaphobia talking). But I was brave and half way through church carried him up there and he did great! Wait, I think I forgot to mention that I stayed there right behind him the whole time where he could hear my voice. But was a different room that he had never been in before! Him and Kailey (my best friends little girl) sat on blankets in the floor and stole toys from each other. It was very cute. Neither cared if the other one took their toy just as long as they could reach a toy that the other one had. Then we went and got lunch and came home....I can't remember what I did the rest of the day.
Tomorrow I think we will be going to a cookout at my dad's. See my dad is like a teenager and frequents a local club. When I say frequent I mean if he isn't there by a certain time on Friday and Saturday nights, the employees and other regulars start to worry and call to check on him. So why am I always surprised that 50 of his closest friends end up coming to our small family cookouts. My hopes are that doesn't happen tomorrow but my hopes have been crushed before.
I leave you with an awesome video of my sweet little guy getting his exercise. I think one to many people have called him fat and he has decided to do something about it with a little exercise.

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  1. I think I need to get one of those jumpy things for my 10 month old. How fun!