Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The title is there just to remind me of what day it is. I have been a little like a zombie. I know what you are thinking....quit complaining and whining. If you are looking for that here, you are not going to get it right now. I'm tired, tired, tired! I feel so blah with this new schedule and I'm not sure I will ever get use to it. Lucky for me I have known that this situation is very temporary so I am hanging on by a thread right now.

Easter weekend wasn't a total wash for me. I missed the Easter egg hunt at church on Saturday afternoon b/c it was during the last chance I had to sleep before heading in to work for the night. Both of my kids won the most eggs in their age category....I missed it. I worked 12 very long hours. Came home and met my family at the Sunrise service and for breakfast. We did the Easter baskets when we got home, I got the kids ready for church and I was off to bed. I missed everything else that happened that day. Got up and went back to work another 12 hours. What a really long weekend!!! But I survived having to work my first ever holiday.

Tonight I was invited to an orientation at my number one school of choice for the Radiography program. I am one of 40 people that they have invited for an interview....out of 250!! I am a little terrified to even be putting this out there right now b/c if it doesn't go my way now you all know about it but maybe some of you will say a prayer for me. They will interview for the next 4 weeks and then they will select 16 people. I am very nervous about this but just praying that whatever is right for me will work out. At this point, I will be super excited if I get in and I will be totally OK if I don't. If I get in I will go to school for the next two years, 40 hours a week. Sounds a little rough but just think about how fast time goes by. I'm working on a back-up plan just in case b/c goodness knows this job I am doing now is not a very good back-up plan!

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