Thursday, April 28, 2011

Southern Destruction

Most of you that read my blog was up late last night weathering the storm with me. If you know me at all you know that I have a huge fear of storms of any kind. I blame my mom for this:) I apparently have done the same thing to my daughter as she was so scared that she couldn't sleep at all last night.
The storms in our area were due to come in around midnight. I had spent the afternoon and evening watching videos of the horrid tornadoes as they tore apart Alabama and also saw devastating pictures of buildings and homes being flattened. I got cold chills every time I heard the death toll rise. By 9:30 pm I set up vigil on my computer listening to a live stream of one weather channel, had another on the TV and communicating with my facebook friends who also felt the same way as me. I watched as one storm in particular with a rather large rotation was coming straight for us. I prayed and prayed and watched the storm calm and turn to go more east rather than northeast.
Up until 1:45 AM I sat in the living room (alone) watching the news with my clothes on, shoes on and a few things sitting next to the door. If a storm like what went through Alabama came here there would be no way I could stay in my house. I warned my husband he was going to get a middle of the night wake up call.
Thankfully I didn't have to jerk my children and husband up and run to the church basement right across the street. I hate that I am so fearful of storms. I hate that I get so worked up about them 24 hours before they get here. The reality of what has happened just west of us is unreal to me. I look at whole neighborhoods that were torn apart and wonder where these people are even suppose to start. We always think that it could never happen to us but it can and it did happen to someone.
My goal for the upcoming couple of years is to get a house with a basement that has a finished room and a bed in it for my family to sleep in safely when or if this happens again. My heart goes out to those who have lost everything and family members. I pray for peace for all those affected and sit home on this calm night praising God for all my blessings!

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