Saturday, March 27, 2010

Public Restroom Phobia for the Potty Trainer

So I have been working on potty training Tegan for many months now. Although there are still a few issues, he is pretty much pee pee potty trained while at home and awake. So what does that leave...potty training for nap and bedtime, doing #2 (sorry guys, what else can I say) on the potty and using the potty in public places.

Let's go in order...Nap and bedtime potty training are going to be really hard. You see, Tegan doesn't eat a lot these days but he drinks a ton. He apparently holds all his pee until the minute he has on a diaper for nap or bedtime b/c he soaks them! I have no idea how to teach him not to potty in his sleep, any advice would be great.

Doing #2...Well let's just say that the kid knows when he has to do the dirty but he chooses not to do it on the potty. He also chooses not to do it in his undies which leaves him either holding it until he has on a diaper for sleepy time or he will actually come and literally cry and beg for a diaper on, go off in to the corner, poop and then come back and ask me to take the diaper off. Now I understand that a man takes this aspect of his life pretty darn serious but he will eventually give in to the toilet right??

The MAJOR one...pee pee in public restrooms. Let me tell you a long story. One day while me and him were at my two favorite places, Hobby Lobby and Target, I took him to the bathroom a dozen times b/c he had to pee but he refused to go. Well eventually he went in target after I bribed him with Popcorn and Sprite from the snack bar. So then he seemed to be over his fear. Then there was this one night at Red Lobster that I took him to potty. I didn't even notice that the toilet was a self flushing toilet that sounded like a small hurricane was coming straight at us. So as he used the potty, the toilet flushed over and over again as he screamed and screamed the whole time. Ever since that moment, public restrooms have been our enemy. Last weekend we went through the drive thru at Wendy's to grab a quick lunch before heading to pick up some things at the wonderful Wal-mart. Well as soon as I had my awesome frosty in my hand he decided he had to pee. So I did what any Mother of the Year would do and grabbed him out of the car, pulled down his pants in the parking lot and told him to have at it. He looked at me like I had five heads and refused. So I put him back in the car. Well he proceeded to squirm, hold himself and flat out yell for help through his crying b/c he had to pee so bad. So I get him back out, take him into Wendy's to the restroom where he screams as if I was beating him...all while standing outside a stall waiting to go in. The whole restaurant stared when we walked out b/c I'm pretty sure they thought I was killing him. So we get back in the car. He begs to go home and ask Rylee to help him. At this point I was aggravated so I reminded him that he had on a pull-up (which he still wears when we leave the house just in case) and if he needed to go really bad he could go in the pull-up...which he has no problem doing from time to time at home. He FLAT OUT REFUSED! So we go ahead and go to Wal-mart where he is squirming again and whining about having to pee. Every time I offered to take him to the potty he would tell me no. So finally, about 5 seconds before I was scheduled for a meltdown, Paul grabs him up and takes him to the potty. When we meet back up with them minutes later he is all smiles and his totally awesome boots are SOAKING WET. My dear hubby then informs me that as he was pulling down little man's pants he began to pee...everywhere. He explained it being like a water hose out of control, you could either get wet or stand out of the way. Pee went everywhere...the floor, the toilet, the wall and most importantly his precious boots. My husband, however escaped completely dry as he choose to just stand back and let nature take its course. Being a germaphobe I really feel bad for the next guy that goes in the restroom...poor unsuspecting soul.

So after that long story I must tell you that Rylee pretty much potty trained herself. This whole potty training thing is new to me and especially this whole boy and control thing. So the only thing I know to do is to not leave the house, keep putting diapers on the kid to poop and to sleep. He is bound to get it at some point before kindergarten right?

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