Friday, March 19, 2010

Parenting Skills

It's hard to parent two children that are so far apart in age. I know to some an almost 5 year age difference doesn't seem that big but when it comes to fairness and discipline, its hard.
Don't get me wrong....I love the age difference in our kids. By the time Tegan came, Rylee could give herself a shower, potty on her own and pour her own cup of juice. It was heavenly! That has continued as Tegan and me have been in the terrible two's power struggle. Rylee has helped out leaps and bounds with him The issue arises when both kids are doing something they shouldn't, the seven year old should know better but the two year old has yet to learn what no means. So do you get on to the seven year old and hear her complain about how unfair it is that Tegan didn't get in trouble or just let them both off the hook.

Things have been rough in the discipline area lately and others seem to stand in judgement of how much we get on to our kids. Let me be clear when I say that my husband and I know that kids aren't perfect and they are going to be wild and crazy but disrespectful is not something I can tolerate. I'm sure my mom is reading this and saying "you are getting what you deserve" but I AM GROWN NOW...LET IT GO:) Anyways, my struggle is, how do I teach my daughter when to keep her little lips locked, how to not interrupt adults when they are talking and to chew with her mouth closed when my son (2 year old) is chewing with his mouth opened and looks at me like I have three heads if I tell him to stop, running out in traffic in busy parking lots, interrupting us and throwing a two year old tantrum when you don't listen and hits ALL THE TIME???

I'm not a perfect parent...but neither are you! You may have one child or ten, I don't know but if I don't stand in judgement of you then please don't stand in judgement of me. The good Lord entrusted ME with these kids and you with yours. I have to tell you, I was a much better parent when I could focus all my attention on one kid but I wouldn't trade having two kids for anything!
I like to call this...the Friday Vent! Thank you, I will get off my soap box now! Have a great weekend!

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