Friday, March 26, 2010

Healthcare my opinion

So I'm not real real political but I do vote. I don't always understand all the politics even though I live in an area that thrives from "good ole boy politics". But I have to say that I have somewhat of an opinion on this one. I remember four presidents and all of them have something that they are remembered for...I guess you could say they are leaving their mark, good or bad.
The first Bush-took us to war...some people agreed and some didn't.
Clinton- had that whole Lewinsky thing...some people wanted him impeached, some didn't.
The second Bush-took us to war...some people agreed/agree and some don't.
Then there is Obama...Health care reform is his thing.

Now let me start this by saying that I didn't vote for our current president but I firmly believe that we should support him no matter who put him in office. I have always voted republican although sometimes I wonder why I vote at all. So take this from me...a republican who does her part and votes, GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!! Yes Healthcare reform is new and different to us but it is happening and you have to let it go. There is no reason for anyone to be harassed or talked down to b/c their opinion is different from yours. There are senators who have families that are being threatened...what makes your opinion better than theirs??

I have a mother who has multiple health issues that could really benefit from this. My husband's father died b/c he owned his own small business and couldn't afford health insurance so therefore he put off care. Then when he got it, being a self pay patient doesn't buy you the best care. Then there was me....I was on bed rest and couldn't return to work during my last pregnancy, I carried our families insurance so when I lost my job and was was devastating for us.

I don't understand this whole bill and I'm sure many of the people complaining don't either. But one thing I do know is that whatever we were doing in healthcare wasn't working so it is time to move forward. You don't want the gov't to tell you what to do but yet you let the insurance companies overcharge you and tell you what Dr.'s you can see. I keep hearing people talk of how the middle class will be the ones footing the bill but when I do the whole calculator thing that the Washington post has on its website, you have to make more than $200,000 to even have a tax increase toward this bill. As far as I can see in my near future...this won't be an issue for me:) The one thing that does worry me is our Dr.'s and healthcare workers...will this affect them and if so how? People (and by people I mean People on facebook) keep saying that healthcare workers will be affecting and Dr.'s will be out of business but when I ask why or how, no one can answer.

My whole point is this, we don't all agree and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. Lots of bad decisions have been made in our countries past and some people get to say I told you so but hopefully that won't be the case here. If you are hoping to say that then I ask you this...why? Why wouldn't you want everyone to have health coverage? Accepting change is not easy at any point but sometimes if you just accept it and keep your mind wide open...Change just might surprise you!

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