Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness

It was a long weekend that involved lots of sewing on Friday night in to the wee hours of the morning. Then a long day on Saturday shooting a wedding. By the time I was home on Saturday night I was ready to crash. I have really been pushing myself with school, sewing and pictures and something is going to have to give. I think I have decided to slow down on pictures some although that isn't going to happen anytime soon as I already have lots of sessions scheduled.
Sunday morning when I awoke, I could not hardly move and my throat hurt so bad. I was pretty sure this was the onset of strep for the third time this winter. Paul got up with the kids and let me sleep until 11:30!!!! It was wonderful and miserable all at the same time! I ended up taking a nap a little later in the day and then going to bed early last night. Today I feel tons better and was ready to get some things done. Over the weekend I sold some fabric, a checkbook cover, an appliqued shirt and SIX camera strap covers. So I had to get busy. I managed to get most everything sewn, packaged and to the post office although I have a couple things left. Business is booming and although it takes me time to make these things, I don't have to leave my house and my kids can play around me while I do it. Needless to say this has been catch-up Monday and I have a lot left to do. Classes start back next week so I plan to get caught up on my sewing, get all the wedding pics edited, clean my house and get all my kids old clothes listed on ebay before Monday.....somebody HELP!

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