Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have an obsession...

So we have just made our vacation plans. We leave for a week long vacation in exactly 87 days:) We don't do a lot of vacations...Paul is a homebody like me so getting him to go on a vacation is lik taking a hammer to your toe. He isn't thrilled about them and then we end up being ill with each other the whole time we are on vacation. See, we grew up vacationing very different from each other. Let me give you an idea what I am talking about:
Me: I grew up in a family with five kids. I love the beach. I go to the beach for the ocean...not a swimming pool or the area attractions. When I went to the beach as a child our days consisted of sun, sand and water...THAT'S IT! Which was and still is just fine with me. We always had a hotel with a kitchen and ate breakfast most days in the hotel. Got down to the beach by 10:00, stayed there until around 1:00, went back to hotel where we had sandwiches and chips, headed back out to play, and rounded off the fun by going in around 4:00 for showers and to get ready to go out to eat somewhere nice. The next day we would do the same thing again.
Paul: Goes to the beach, eats out three times a day, walks the streets, drives around, plays on the beach for ONE SOLID HOUR a day, plays putt-putt at 1:00 in the afternoon when the sun is directly above your head and you can hear the ocean off in the distance. He gets bored and burns easy in the sun so he thinks he has to be doing something constantly. CONSTANTLY!!!
So its a power struggle as to how we should vacation!

Let me go back to my obsession...I LOVE the ocean! The sound is relaxing but its the sight that I love. When we took the kids for a quick weekend trip to Tybee Island last year me and Rylee got up at 7:00 am and went down to the beach to look for shells. It was the most peaceful moment I had ever experienced. The only thing you could hear was the ocean but the vision is perfect....besides the past out half naked dude laying on the beach. There is something amazing about the ocean. I know God created all things but when you look around, your sights are filled with lots of man made creations also that take up space. Not when you stand looking out in to the ocean. It is perfect....untouched! There is just something so amazing about the ocean to me.
So when planning our first real vacation as a family of four. I tell Paul all of these things and how I would like for him to try a beach vacation the way I want to do it. Needless to say, we are going to the mountains:(

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