Monday, September 14, 2009

NOT ME! Monday

Let's see what kind of craziness is going on this week. To read tons of other Not Me, Mondays just head over to HERE for lots of laughs and reality checks!

This week I most certainly did not walk in to Tegan's room only to see his cute little 2 year old butt without a diaper on. There is no way this would happen b/c the second my kid wakes up, I rush right in to get him and would never block him out and continue to get an extra hours sleep. Once said child learned to take his diaper off I would never start duct taping him in his diaper. I now am no longer convinced that duct tape can fix anything since this morning my son manage to have his diaper hanging open while the whole thing was duct taped to his butt. I did not consider the pain of pulling duct tape off his bare skin as his punishment...although if I did, I'm pretty sure it worked b/c he repeated "it hurt mommy" over and over again!

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