Friday, September 4, 2009

H1N1 Go AWAY!!!

H1N1...we don't really like you and I am asking nicely for you to please leave our house without infecting any other members. You invaded my sweet six year olds body sometime around Wed. and started showing your ugly head with a headache...I mean am I the last person on earth to know that a headache is a major sign of the flu? Then you began to make my child feel cold with chills. Within 12 hours you gave her a fever and she has been down ever since. You have taken out the majority of the students in her class at school and I fear that you are gunning for me! Please set your eyes on me and not my precious little man who wants to touch every possible thing that could be infected. I have sprayed so much Lysol to try to kill you that I fear inhaling that much Lysol may turn out to be the death of me. So to re-cap...your main symptoms are headache, chills and fever. You are very sneaky and got one over on me with the whole headache thing. But never again will I let that happen. My little man will take tamiflu while you continue to knock out my daughter b/c there is not one thing in the whole entire world that can be done to help her! I will continue to rub my hands raw by washing them every 30 seconds b/c apparently that's about all I can do. H1N1, you are not my friend and never will be!!!

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  1. i'm so sorry you are dealing with this and i will pray for a quick recovery for your sweet baby girl. i will also pray for continued health in your family and hopes that you all stave that nasty H1N1 off! Thank you for this post as it will help other moms and dads know what to watch for! My youngest is 6 and i can assure you a headache would have thrown me off too. won't - so thank you.