Monday, September 28, 2009

Mom and Student

Do those words even really go together? A mom and a student I am. This post could be alternately titled Mom, Student, Wife, Cook, Cleaner, Driver of many, Grocery shopper, Bath giver, playmate, teacher to my children...I think you get the picture. Especially since it is 11:51 pm and I have just finished my school work for my first day of classes. Yeap, for those of you just joining us....I'm one of those moms who is back in school. I started back in the spring. This is my third quarter and I can't lie, I wish it was my last. A good student I am not. A good manager of my time, I AM NOT! Let's re-cap...I have a husband, two kids, starting a business with a friend and am in school for lord knows what. Seriously, I have changed my major like four times in three quarters. If only my crystal ball wasn't broken I could figure out what would be my best path:) So this quarter I am taking a English core class and Medical Terminology??? Maybe at the very least my English class can help me with my love affair to comma's and these things.....

Stay tuned this week as I will be posting a give-a-way to help promote the new business which is Gracious Me! boutique, feel free to browse our little site!

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