Saturday, September 5, 2009

Driving Miss Crazy

or also titled "Driving ME Crazy". So apparently all the hype about the swine flu being awful is true and false. I mean it is spreading like wildfire here in Georgia and it is hard to watch your kid be sick but the false part is that it didn't knock my kid down for weeks. It is day four and she is a live wire...I MEAN A LIVE WIRE. She thinks her world is ending b/c she is still being quarantined to her bedroom or my bedroom. The funniest thing is I think this stuff is making her a little wacky. If I didn't know any better I would think she has broke in to the liquor cabinet, but since we don't have one of those I am going with this being temporary insanity from the swine flu! Here are a few of the funny things she has said in the past couple of days:
"Be careful with me b/c I'm priceless"
"Who is the queen of this family?" This is so funny to me b/c the queen is me...duh!!! She Knows that!
Every time she coughs she yells out "I'm o.k.!"
"I'm never going to be able to come out of this room"
"I tried to come get you last night when I felt sick but when I opened my eyes, I was still in my bed!"
"A girl with the flu has a boring life!"
The list goes on and on. But on a serious note she seems to be recovering and bouncing back fast. I guess from all the hype I was expecting her to be knocked down by this stuff for at least a week but not her. I have had to practically tie her up in one room to keep her from spreading her germs to her brother....and me (and I guess her daddy too)! She is talking talking talking and driving me crazy crazy crazy! I mean she isn't talking about anything with any importance, just random things so she can hear her raspy sounding voice I guess! I am hoping that she has turned the flu corner and none of the rest of us will get it. Of course if I get it I probably won't be so lucky as to be recovered by day four! Us adults are big babies when it comes to getting I wouldn't say I am a baby so much as I can't function well with sickness and must lay down and not move. Heck I would like to do that and not be sick but that would involve me faking a sickness and jinxing myself. I think I am that a side effect of H1N1?
Oh and to go back to the hype thing...Poor Georgia Bulldawgs, all the build up for the GA season to start and well, let's just not talk about it!

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