Monday, June 1, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I haven't done one in a while so I got a few saved up!!!
If you want to read other people's not me's then just click this....

I did not let my son run around with only a heavy diaper on that resulted in this..

I was not talking to a friend on the phone recently only to hear her say to her child to "stop trying to play with the dog's butt hole!" If that would have happened I most definitely would not put it on my blog.

I have not taken almost 1000 pictures with my new canon rebel camera.

My son is not addicted to in ketchup, ranch dressing, steak sauce, etc. I did not recently just watch him ignore all other food on his plate and only eat Ketchup and steak sauce with a spoon the whole meal. If this had happened I would most definitely not keep refilling his plate with the sauces just so I could eat a meal without him screaming! Not Me!!!!

I did not make my family all put on white shirts and try to take a picture only to get most of them looking like this...

Tegan is not a fan of pictures and I think this picture makes it very obvious that he gets it from his very unhappy looking daddy!!! We did end up with a few good ones....I will post those tomorrow.


  1. What is it about ketchup and ranch dressing? My little ones LoVe it!

    Happy Not Me Monday,

  2. Ha ha! I'll have to drop back in to see the nice pictures. Although the whole post made me grin, that plumber butt brought a big chuckle. Also, your friend's comment has made me nervous. [drop on by my NMM! monday to find out my 15 month old son's new favorite word and hobby. we have a dog. you do the math.]

  3. Cute post, I love the sauces part of it.

    On a random note, I just happen to have your ETSY store saved in my favorites before I even saw your blog. Funny how I found you through Mckmama's Not Me! Monday!