Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Photo Session

On Sunday I got Melissa (my sister) to come and take some pictures of us. They were all great except for the screaming little boy in all of them and the somewhat frustrated looks on our faces. It was sooooo HOT! We were all pouring sweat. I was so aggravated b/c it takes a lot to talk Paul in to doing this b/c he HATES to have his picture made and then Tegan wouldn't cooperate. But Paul told me it didn't matter if Tegan was crying or not looking in all the pictures, that it is a good picture b/c we have kids in them! I noticed the last time I took pictures of Teg and Rylee together that his Nystagmus makes it very hard to get a picture of him where it looks like he is looking at the camera. But I was able to crop a few of these and make them look good. Big Thank You to Melissa for taking her time to come and do this for us! I really appreciate it and plan to pay her back with some good pictures of her in Mike whenever she is ready. I just hope Mike acts better than Tegan did!!!! (Ha Ha)
I think this is the best one?!?!

I tried to crop out the part where I am holding Tegan's arms down during his screaming fit!


Me and Rylee!

This one is pretty good too!

Playing around almost gone wrong!!!!

He is sweet if he doesn't know his picture is being taken!

I am going to crop this one a little more and do a black and white of it! Love it!

Melissa made us hold hands:)

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