Sunday, June 7, 2009

Marti Love

Marti Love Terrell

A friend I go to church with recently brought this little girls battle to my attention. It really hits me b/c she is the same age as Rylee and I just couldn't imagine having to watch Rylee go through something like this. I have recently joined her facebook prayer page and you can to at Praying For Marti...(the link isn't working but you can search it just like that underfacebook if your a member) . But for now I am calling on everyone to pray for her and all the medical stuff she will be going through in the near future...and for her parents!!!

Here is a little bit about her...
Marti is a sweet little girl who was recently diagnosed with a tumor on her brain instead of the cyst they first thought it was. She needs all of your prayers for God's healing and her parents need your prayers for comfort and peace.
The most recent update on her..
Marti Love feels wonderful and really has no idea what is all about happen. Thank you all so very much for the encouragement and prayers! This is a devastating time for us! After DR. visits today we feel hopeful that things can be taken care of. It is the beginning of a LONG journey though. June 15 they will drain the cyst and take a biopsy of the tumor, (praying for benign). If all goes well with surgery (benign, nothing is already in her blood) we will be monitoring the cyst cavity/tumor with MRIs every 3 months at Scottish Rites. The cyst/tumor is in a very difficult location to jump to take it out, while radiation is such a risk at her age. So we hope it will be a very slow growing - or not at all.
Sorry the picture isn't big but we are working on finding a bigger picture of her but I wanted to get this out there for today. We all take for granted how healthy our children are until we hear something like this. It doesn't take us long to forget until the next reminder comes along. Marti Love is my reminder right now so please lift up her and her family in prayers!!!

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  1. Thanks for this post - will send up prayers for Marti and her family.
    Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have "normal", healthy children.