Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pushing 30

I'm all grown up!! Today is my birthday...that's right and I am 29 and proud of it. We decided to surprise Rylee with her (and Tegan's) first trip to a water park. We told her to put on her bathing suit and we didn't tell her anything else. We drove for a little over an hour and $100 later...we were in!!! That's right, Tegan was free but it cost almost $30 each for me, Paul and Rylee and then $8 to park. But it was fun and nope I didn't get a single picture.
Rylee's favorite was the super huge wave pool. She put on a life jacket and had no fear...which if you know Rylee, this is completely opposite of how she normally is around water. She said this was the best "my birthday" ever and that she should pick to go to the water park for her birthday in January!!!
Now we are home and Tegan suddenly has a high fever and a belly ache....looks like reality does exist even on my birthday. Hope he didn't catch it from nasty water park water???
So the point to the email is to tell you that it's my birthday I had a great day!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Today is my brother's birthday also.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday! I'll be 29 in October and hey - no big deal! The older I get the more fun I have, it seems :-) Well... we don't have kids yet - so it only gets better right?
    ;-) *and I love water parks too* how fun!