Monday, June 15, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I have not changed 720 5 to 8 dirty, nasty, watery diapers a day for the past five days at least. I have not started to dry heave while doing this and wonder if my son was vomiting in his diaper b/c that's what it looked like and smelled like.

My washer has not been broken for 10 days now. I have not had to take all my clothes to my mother-in-laws to be washed. Today when she was not going to be at home she did not tell me that she doesn't like her dryer running while no one is home. I didn't contemplate running it anyways(I live right next door) and just not telling her until my husband informed me that she would know if her house burned down. I did not get aggravated with the repair people when they told me that our part for our washer has been in but they can't come down this way until tomorrow. When she told me they would be here between 8 and 12 I did not tell her that is what they said last time and he showed up at 2:00!!!

I have not been letting my little boy live off of Fruit Punch powerade for the last few days.

I most certainly did not try to talk Rylee out of going to vacation bible school at our church just b/c I couldn't be there with her. If I had tried to do wouldn't work.

I do not think that Tegan's whole sickness is all b/c my washer is broke...that would be crazy!!! I do not have an overwhelming urge to wash everything just b/c my washer is broken!!!

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  1. Hope your son feels well soon - and that you stay healthy.
    Here's hoping the repair people will be on time!