Monday, September 1, 2008

Lesson from a fish....

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon we went to walmart and got Rylee her very first goldfish. We got home with it around 8:00, got the tank ready and watched him swim around soooo happy. WE also watched Rylee be so excited about her new pet.

Less than 12 hours after coming home with the fish.....
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today and you know the rest. Yeap that's right, the fish didn't make it through the night and Rylee was mortified by what she found this morning when waking up. We left it in the tank for a while b/c we were having a hard time convincing her to let us flush it off to heaven. We finally came to the agreement that it needed to be buried in the yard.....she cried like a baby! I on the other hand couldn't stop laughing at the eulogy that Paul was attempting to give. Last night he was telling her she should name it Now or was alive Now but it won't be later!
Rest in Peace Bella Pearl

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