Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot.....HOT weekend in Georgia!

We had a busy Saturday so when Sunday rolled around the last thing I wanted to do was stick my head out the I didn't! Saturday morning Rylee had her very first little cheerleading game for the Red Raiders. She is just so dang cute in that uniform. The game started at 10:45 Saturday morning so by 11:00 we were all so hot and miserable that I was ready to go and never come back again. Tegan wanted no one but me and when he had me, he wanted me standing with him. Paul did manage to grab him and run away with him before his screams started distracting the football players. These players are super cute. They are 5 and 6 year old boys playing tackle football.
Then by the time part two of our day rolled around we were in for a hot afternoon. Me and Paul took off to the beloved Georgia Game (Go Dawgs!) thanks to my friend Larkin. She had great seats and a great parking pass. Although it still felt like we walked three miles, at least we weren't those people that we saw walking about 5 miles before even getting to the parking deck! It wasn't really three miles...I don't think! Anyways, it was a good afternoon for football if you are looking to sweat all the toxins out of your body. GA killed them and the crowd was rowdy so that made for lots of fun. Plus we were entertained by the really drunk guy beside us who passed out and was basically laying on Paul at one point. I do you fall to sleep in a crowd of 90,000 of your closest friends. But we had fun anyways and we got some alone time....a.k.a so sweaty that we didn't want to be touching but yet forced to b/c people kept pushing us in to each other. Thanks Larkin for the tickets!

Below is the diva....she's cute and she knows it!

Mad at me for making her have a picture instead of playing with the other cheerleaders!

Here you get to see the Tegan I see most of the time.

And here I am telling Tegan that I am catching his fit all on camera for proof...notice he stopped! These were taken about 5 seconds from each other!


  1. So very cute! (Both of them...even the little fit pic was cute. Glad you guys had a good weekend!!!!

  2. I love the cheerleading pictures! She is sooo cute. I feel your pain with Tegan. Samuel was the same way. He's better now, but still very difficult. Love you and miss you. Becca