Friday, August 29, 2008

Party, Toys and Cake.....OH MY!

So last weekend we had the last 1st Birthday Party that me and Paul will ever throw. Tons of toys and way more people. It was just a family party but since just my side with parents, siblings and each of their families involves somewhere around 23 people (give or take a few) and then all of Paul's family....well let's just say it is a huge bash. Tegan got lots of great toys that he has really enjoyed playing with, some diapers that I have enjoyed not having to buy, some eating utensils and lots of winter clothes! He will be the best dressed kid on the street....there aren't that many kids on our street but if there were, he would be the best! Tegan had the beloved smash cake which he loved and was more than happy to give it some love! Is there anything this kid doesn't fabric, lint, bugs, cake, etc. Anyways, here are some great pictures from our party filled day. Side note...this was our third family birthday party of the weekend. We have lots of August Birthdays on my side and Paul's side. Seems like the majority of my moms grand kids were either born in January or August....I have one that lands in each of those months.

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  1. Super cute!!! He enjoyed the cake much more than mine did. Very adorable!