Thursday, September 11, 2008

12 month review

Yes I know I am about three weeks to late on this one but business has been booming in the sewing area and I haven't had time to clean much less post.

Tegan had his one year check-up a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to go in and show the Dr. all the things that Tegan is doing that he had prepared me that he would be way behind on. Well he didn't care...something crazy happened....he smelled Tegan's wet diaper and immediately became alarmed which then alarmed me. His urine smelled sweet, which apparently is a symptom of a disease called Maple Syrup Disease. O.k. now that you have stopped laughing at the name, this is a real disease with real consequences. The two main symptoms are the sweet smelling urine and developmental delays, both of which Teg has. So Teg was awarded a trip to have some blood work which was horrible as they kept missing the vein over and over again. Happily it was all for nothing and the blood work showed everything was o.k....I think his pee smells that way b/c he is so darn sweet. HA!

His stats: Length 30 3/4 inches, that's the 95% for height. Weight 23lbs and 7.5 oz, he actually dropped from being in the 95% for weight to the 55%.

We are going on a week and a half of being BOTTLE FREE. It is so liberating and sad all at the same time. We are done with fixing, feeding and washing bottles forever but on the other hand I don't get to sit and rock and feed him anymore. He loves his sippy cup which happened over night....the Tegan way. He is eating all solids except at lunch. For some reason he only wants fruit in the baby food form and some milk.

He is the best sleeper ever. He goes down for nap everyday at 12:00 and doesn't wake until a few minutes after two. Then he goes to bed at night at 8:30 and usually wakes around 7:45 but lays in his bed talking and playing until 8:30 am. He sleeps in his own bed and cries or sometimes doesn't cry but can soothe himself to sleep.

He is cruising along furniture and crawls so much that his knees are rough to the touch. I think he accumulates lint on him from all the crawling and then tries to eat it, along with everything else on the floor. If you have food or a snack....he wants it and will try very hard to get it. He loves his mommy and will not leave my hip. He is trying to show me where my nose is but he more like smacks me in the face when I ask him where it is. He only talks about Dada but I think he calls me dada so its o.k.

We are still behind on shots and it may stay that way. I will let him get a flu shot and get the last of his HIB shots. I think I will let him get the chicken pox one at 15 months. The dr. said he didn't want to give him any at 12 months since he will be getting a flu shot soon. I am thinking of postponing the MMR shot for a very long time. My research has showed some not good stuff so I am hoping to postpone the MMR shot long as I can.

I can't believe it has been a year! What a great year!


  1. Hey I was looking at theburpclothebabe's blog and peeking at yours. Your son is so cute. We have a 9 month check up next week. It is always fun to find out the weight and height but the shots stink! Just wanted to let you know how handsome he was.

  2. Tabatha...thanks for the comment on the blog. Your kids are precious. The waterpark was Great Wolf Lodge, and there are actually several locations all over the U.S. It was a great visit, BUT there are a couple of things you should know. We went mid-week during an off-peak time. That meant our room was MUCH cheaper [half] what it would have been another time. It would not have been worth double what we paid. Even though they called our room a "suite" we basically just had a glorified wall between us and the kids. Also, the bedding was terribly uncomfortable; my husband and I were both sore after a night on the bed. We had also heard before we went that the food was expensive, so I brought breakfast for us. I was glad I did that because it would have cost us about $50 to eat in the cafe. I don't think that would have been worth it with the ages of my kids! Whew...that's a lot of thoughts, and I hope it doesn't sound too negative because we really did have a great time!