Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sew Busy...

Yes I know I have used that sew in the place of so way to many times. I will try to make this my last time. So I have been crazy busy with sewing orders and have really welcomed them lately as money gets tighter and tighter with this booming economy. I have been very lucky to have a friend (Heidi) who seems to keep my business up and running. Between her, her family and her friends I have had tons to do. I am working on another order for another great friend and then I am caught up and will hopefully get some stuff done to put in a great little shop called Peyton's Place. Then maybe I will have time to get back to my ebay....who knows though...if the orders keep coming maybe I won't have to go back to ebay. I am working on a website right now that is mostly a host page that will lead you to my ebay store.
See something you like...pillowcase dress for little ones, tote bag, diaper bag, purse, etc.... leave me a comment. Stay tuned for a future FREE giveaway of one of my items.

Sweet Rylee in her eyelet dress.

Only the most popular fabric I have ever bought.

Regular diaper bag size or tote bag size.

My super huge diaper bag.


  1. I love those dresses . They look so cute and sweet . How do you make those?

  2. So, so, so cute! I gotta get in an order!

  3. I love your stuff and recently started an online buisness. theburpcloth babe has been telling me all about you. If your interested in maybe working with me alittle and letting me sale and advertise your dresses/diaper bags let me know.. I am very interested. I love the diaper bags. Maybe I could get you to make one or two just for the site? take a look at babytimegifts.com and let me know what you think. I do not have any clothes or diaper bags yet. Talk to you soon!