Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look Below

The video speaks for itself.

Can you believe this is the kid that couldn't do anything at 6 months old. By that I mean he couldn't hardly even hold his head up, wasn't pushing up on his stomach, nothing! Here we are and have just hit the ten month mark two days ago. He has been very mobile the past few weeks with rolling or moving backwards to get things but today....just this morning....he crawled. Then I took that object away and laid it in the floor again and he crawled again....even further. Right now I keep having to stop this post b/c the kid is just crawling everywhere and obviously I wasn't totally prepared for this and he keeps getting things he isn't suppose to have. you think I should believe the dr.'s when they say he probably won't even walk until he is 18 months old or later? Good thing they didn't tell Tegan he would be so behind on things....b/c he wouldn't have listened! Rylee started crawling around 10 months old so he is right on target with her. In other news the kid just got three teeth at one time so we had a rough week last week. Hopefully things are looking up for him b/c those teeth were causing him some serious pain. Poor little man! Rylee went out on the jet ski for the first time ever yesterday and loved it. Of course I had my camera but it was in a bag in the car so I missed taking pictures of us at the lake once again. We have been two Saturdays in a row now and had lots of fun. Rylee loves the water now and gets in (with floaties) and goes all over the place. I promise to actually use my camera next time.
Getting Ready for the lake!

Rylee got her hair cut! It was a big deal for this little Hannah Montana to get her hair cut without Hannah doing it too.

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  1. WOW!! What progress he's made in such a short time!! Way to go!

    Nice haircut, she looks super cute!